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Welcome to the Love Island Gossip Forum! Please read the below rules.

  1. Keep it Kind!
    No racism, sexism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind. We are all here because of our shared love of Love Island - lets all get along. There is to be no targeted abuse towards Islanders or Hosts as well as other users.
  2. Respect Copyright
    No sharing of illegal streaming services or links to watch Love Island. There is a sticky post at the top of each version of the show of how to watch.
  3. No Spoilers in Post Titles
    Don't post spoilers in the titles of posts. Please leave them to the body and tag the post with [Spoiler] if it contains spoilers of current seasons. Live episode discussions allow spoilers throughout
  4. Low Effort Posts May Be Removed
    The moderators retain the right to remove low effort posts and other posts that don't follow the spirit of the forum.
Heart  Love Island Gossip Administrators
Contact: admin@loveislandgossip.com
DMCA: dmca@loveislandgossip.com  Heart

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