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Netflix, the Undisputed King in Job Function List
Netflix needs to reinvent itself and bring back the caste that made it great if it wants to remain king. Streaming is experiencing a moment of glory and that is no secret to anyone. The conditions of at least moderate confinement that many job function list are experiencing have made this type of service the best entertainment model, so the future for Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video is simply one of growth. The figures are clear. According to figures provided by the Motion Picture Association, during 2020, streaming platforms exceeded the goal of one job function list subscribers worldwide, a figure that contrasts with the drop in theater box office by more than 70 percent.

in numbers Cinemas around the world barely exceeded 12 billion dollars in revenue, a figure well below the 42 billion dollars reached during 2019. At this point, it is important to take as a reference what is happening in the United States, one of the most job function list markets for the entertainment industry, where theaters collected 2 billion dollars, a figure visibly lower than the 11 billion collected during 2019 . "Despite the challenges that the job function list has brought to the global economy, the television and streaming industry has once again risen to the occasion," Charles Rivkin, president and CEO of Motion Picture, said in the report.

Association. In the Mexican market, the situation is especially evident when the competition is read between service platforms on demand (OTT) and restricted television. At least that's how it reads in a recent study signed by the consulting firm Dtaxis , which indicates that in Mexico, online streaming platforms on demand registered a 66 percent job function list in their subscriber base between 2019 and 2020, going from 9 to 15 million users in that period. Faced with an evident increase in the supply of these services, OTT subscribers doubled their total access compared to subscribers to cable pay TV services, which according to figures provided by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) during in 2019 they were around 7,500, and exceeded 11,600 restricted job function list TV accesses.

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